5 simple tips to guarantee Facebook success!

1. Before you even launch your non-profit campaign on Facebook, you need to ensure your campaign idea works within the social media platform you are using (i.e. that it is something people can like and share).

2. Make sure your campaign is simple and easy for people to engage in and donate to. Think: catchy hashtags, setting up a system of posting photos and/ or videos then nominating friends to do the same. ‘No Makeup Selfie‘ and ‘Ice Bucket Challenge‘ are great examples of this.

3. Be prepared to invest 90% of your time into administrating your campaign (i.e. communicating with your audience, consistently posting content and maintaining the flow of your campaign).

4. There is a great app called Causes that works to bring you an audience and helps support you with the organisation of your campaign.

5. Another great way to utilise Facebook’s resources is to have an already well established non-profit Facebook page to endorse your cause. Non-Profits on Facebook are a Facebook page that are able to endorse your non-profit campaign through their page and increase your reach by at least 1 million viewers.

What have been your experiences with non profit organisations on Facebook? Think we’re missing some information? Send us your feedback through our Facebook page or tweet us @DNPsocialmedia!



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