Simple tips to guarantee Twitter success!

1. When setting up your Twitter account, make yourself as accessible as possible. Create a username relevant to your organisation, an iconic image to represent your organisation’s individuality and make sure your bio has a clear description of what you’re all about, with links to your other social media platforms! More startup tips here.

2. Need some hashtag inspiration? Social Brite has complied a list of 40 popular not-for-profit hashtags to help get you started! More hashtag tips here.

Why use hashtags?

  • Hashtags help to get your Tweets seen!
  • Use key words as hashtags to help people sort through the clutter and find your Tweets more easily!

3. Did you know there are websites to help manage your Twitter account? Organise your Twitter page by scheduling Tweets with sites such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck! Discover more organisational tools here.

4. Post a combination of visual and written tweets to keep users interested. Infographics and videos can be great alternatives as text is restricted to 140 characters on Twitter.

5. What is a cause without followers? Start following like-minded others on Twitter! You can find followers through the #Discover option or by searching key words relative to your cause. More tips on gaining followers here.

What are the benefits that you can think of? How Twitter actually help you in achieving objectives and goals? How Twitter helps fundraising your nonprofit with 140 characters? Click here and find out more.

Wonder how Twitter makes non-profit organisations succeed? Click here to find out what are the Top non-profits on Twitter!

What have been your experiences with non profit organisations on Twitter? Think we’re missing some information? Send us your feedback through our Facebook page or tweet us @DNPsocialmedia!


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