Simple Tips to Guarantee Your Tumblr Success!

Whether you are familiar with the platform or not, Tumblr is yet another medium to explore and promote your nonprofit’s success.     Tumblr serves as a microblogging platform.  If you’re not familiar with this term, it can be explained as the cross between social networking and blogging.  Tumblr can seem difficult to navigate when first entering the site, but with an extremely active, worldwide user base, can prove to be extremely advantageous to use.

  1. If you already have a blog for your organization, using and posting some of your content on Tumblr is easy!  Simply use your email to create a free account and start posting content.
  2. Much like WordPress or apps like Tweetdeck, posts can be easily scheduled under the “create posts” function.  Research has shown that the Tumblr community is most active between 7 & 10 pm.  Tumblr also is unique in the diversity of posts that can be featured on your blog. Posts can be formatted to show up as simple text, quotes, videos,  pictures, or audio clips.  Posts featuring pictures or gifs attract the most attention, but post separately from a text-based post for the most traffic!
  3. Don’t be afraid to reblog or favorite the work of others!!  As a growing organization, one of the most important aspects of social media is to follow to gain a following.  Using the “search tumblr” box in the upper right corner, find others through relevant hashtags or simple keywords related to your organization.
  4. Promote, reblog, and post content most relevant to your organization.  With followers subscribing to thousands of different blog categories, the more niche your blog stays, the more it will stand out as having a specific purpose.   It is also important to promote the content of others, which you can do by clicking on the star (next to the heart) on posts.
  5. Be confident!!  Tumblr features a “Tumblr Spotlight” page, where editors feature their favorite blogs and best content.  Don’t be afraid to submit your blog to the editors ( ) with an explanation of your blog, mission, and examples of how your work is individual and special to the whole world!

The very best way to figure out Tumblr is to simply experiment for yourself!  This unique platform stands to give your organization the boost you need and welcomes creativity, quirkiness, and humor.  Need some motivation to start tumbling?  Check out these successful nonprofit organization pages here.

What have been your experiences with non profit organisations on Tumblr? Think we’re missing some information? Send us your feedback through our Facebook page or tweet us @DNPsocialmedia!



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