About Us

Whether we are young, digital-native adolescents, older adults finding our way into the realm of cyberspace, or even regular consumers of the internet- we are all subject to the enormous benefits social media has to offer.  To some, using social media has become a way of life- to others, an adventure similar to learning a new language.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or many of the other various social media channels house endless opportunities to share, learn, network, and reap endless rewards, exposing yourself, your business, or your cause.  Social media is a way to take any interest further- interactions are more easily attainable, messages are more widespread, and the ability to designate yourself as an expert in your field is easy.

For nonprofit organizations, the importance of gaining supporters, donors, and volunteers is more important than in any other kind of business.  The time and talent of your advocates is extremely vital to your success and social media helps quickly spread this.  Our guide to going digital for non-profit organizations is here to provide you with inspiration and a ‘how to’ account to campaigning online.  We will be constantly researching, analyzing, and comparing organizations’ most successful (and unsuccessful) campaigns through the lens of raising awareness and donations.

We believe in the success of social media, as well as the ability for non-profit organizations to thrive with its help.  Our how-to guide will help provide you with the social media research, assistance, and tips to accelerate your non-profit organization.

Follow our path to guidance through our Facebook page or tweet us @DNPsocialmedia!

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