Infographics: Keeping it Simple!

Infographics for all!
As a nonprofit organization, it goes without saying that the numbers matter.  By numbers, we mean data.  Hard facts.  Without tangible products to market or profits to boast, numbers are testament to what your organization can do.  Data can showcase the need for your organization’s work and can reinforce the work you’ve done.  Infographics make this data beautiful.  Data and facts can be presented in a visual layout, educating the viewer in an entertaining way.

Thinking of creating your own info graphics? Here are three simple tips to get started!

  1. Do your research!!!  Make sure the statistics are gathered correctly and calculated flawlessly.  It is important to also look at all parts of the data and understand the study that was initially conducted.  Also, keep in mind the problem that the infographic will ultimately address.  When looking at all your raw data as a whole, it is easy to lose sight of the point your graphic his trying to make.
  2. One design site advises that it is most helpful to “create a hierarchy” for your data.  Out of the research and raw data, you may have a fact that is more substantial than the rest.  Try organizing the rest of your facts and data around this fact.  This is a good starting point and brings the entire graphic together.  This also helps you to distinguish the type of visible structure you want to use.
  3. Pick a format!!!  Depending on what kind of problem you are trying to address and what kind of data you have, your format could range from simplistic flow charts to more creative, labeled pictures.  Many free websites allowing anyone to easily create their own infographics.  Here are some of the best!

    Starting with fun tutorials and guiding you through the site Canva is extremely easy to use.  Graphics are colorful, clean, and simply moved to create a completely original graphic.  Layouts to choose from also include formats created for different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
    Intimidated to start from scratch? offers a wide variety of aesthetic pre-made formats to easily insert your own data into.  Many of the layouts come with extra cartoon or picture graphics to add to plain numbers.

    f only using the free version, three initial themes are available; however, the layouts, graphic designs, and fonts are easy to place and customize specifically to your organizational needs.  When finished, exporting is simple whether posting on social media, on your website, or just to save.

    Looking for some further inspiration?  Check out Wired Magazine’s Top Infographics of the Year or look up some cool nonprofit infographics on Pinterest!